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Note - Course fee inclusive of all materials, tools and accessories used.

Other Activities

1 - Banner Towing  -   Banner Towing with 12 ft Aero Model 

The 12ft aeromodel can carry a banner which has matter as required by the sponcorer. Since the model flies with a very slow speed at a low height, any one standing on the ground level is able to read what is written on the banner. This is a very innovative concept in the field of advertisement and has wide applications. 

Radio Control Flying Disc - We have 3 types of Flying Discs.

a) Size - 4' diameter powered by 6cc glowplug engine.

b) Size - 5' diameter powered by 15cc glowplug engine.

The speciality of these disc is that these are capable of flying manoeuvering in comparatively smaller grounds where Radio Control Aero Model cant take of & land. It can fly on Volley Ball ground. It can carry 300 - 500 gms of flowers coloured petals and tow a small banner 1' X 10' easily.

2- Flower Dropping  

Flower Dropping is a very good concept especially during events such as marriges, felicitations, inaugrations other ceremonies. The aeromodel carries approximately 2-3 KG's of flowers, flower petals, colourful silver & paper foils. These can be dropped at the required spot at the required time.

3 - Aerial Photography  

A never seen before view of your industry, estblishments in high quality perspective birds eye view.

4 - Night Flying

This is the innovative Concept developed by us in India. We have done 3 Successful assignments so far. For the Night Flying a 12 feet Aero model is used which is equipped with the navigational light system developed by us. This model is powered by a 62 cc petrol engine. This plane can fly for one hour. When this Radio control model is flying at night it looks realistic in air. The size of the banner is 18' X 15'. The letters written / stitched on the banner are illuminated by using small thousands of red colored LEDS/Bulbs. Any one can read this letters. This is the novel &  innovative way for Night Aerial Advertisement. The words can be made out of LEDs as per the sponsorer's requirements.

These aero models has been designed and constructed by Mr. R. N. Joshi who is winner of Three Gold medals & five awards in the field of Aeromodelling. He has been carrying out these activities for the last fifteen years with maximum safety & precaution.

For the demonstrations please email /whatsapp / call us your requirements.


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