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Indore is situated on the Malwa plateau at an altitude of 553 m above sea level, on the banks of two small rivulets - the Saraswati and the Khan. They unite at the centre of the city where a small 18th century temple of Sangamnath or Indreshwar exists. The name Indore is due to this diety. It is the largest city in Madhya Pradesh state in central India . It is among the million+ population cities of India with a population of 1,086,673 (1991). It is the commercial capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Indore city presents a happy blend of historical py"ast and promises of rapid future modernization.

Indore is known as "The Commercial Capital" of the state. Trade & Commerce at Indore has a close resemblence with Mumbai. Being well connected to Mumbai by Rail/Road/Air every business trend be it new fashion , technology or just the business culture, comes in very fast to Indore. Hence sometimes also called "Mini-Bombay".Apart from having big shops & showrooms of all the national & international brands (Company outlets), a big cloth market industry has flourished at Indore. Indore is also known for its leather toys and Maheshwari & Chanderi are some very interesting ornate sarees and brocades to offer. There is a lot of zari work coming out of Madhya Pradesh, and the Maheshwari sarees have particularly gained in popularity of late. Besides the fabrics, there is a variety of local carving crafts to choose from.

Rajwada is the historical palace of the Holkars. It was built about two centuries ago and is located near the Chhatris in the main square. It is a seven storied structure, which serves as the living example of the grandeur of the Holkars. Rajwada stands in the centre of the city. The new palace is on the northern side, while the old palace stands in the old part of the town. The old palace is a multi-storied building which also serves as a gateway of the Rajwada. It stands amongst the crowded streets of the Kajuri Bazar and faces the main square of the city. 

Bada Ganpati 
The temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha was created because of the dream of an Avantika (Ujjain) resident, Shri Dadhich. Built in 1875, it houses the largest Ganesh idol measuring 25 feet from crown to feet. It is perhaps the largest statue of Lord Ganesha in the world.

Kanch Temple
The beautiful Kanch Mandir is truly an architectural marvel of Glass. The "Cotton King" Sir Hukamchand Seth built it in the early 20th century. The walls, floors, pillars and doorknobs of the temple are entirely inlaid by glass. The temple walls are adorned with colored glass paintings that depict the stories of Jain Tirthankaras. At the top is a unique glass chamber that multiplies the three statues of Lord Mahavira installed there into an infinite number.
Central Museum
The Central Museum of Indore was established in 1949.houses the finest collections of Parmar sculptures from Hinglajgarh, paintings, coins, porcelain objects, metal and ivory toys and artifacts, woodcarvings and the beautiful handicrafts.
Annapurna Temple
Inspired by the marvelous architecture of Meenakshi temple of Madurai, Annapurna temple is dedicated to Annapurna Mata, the Goddess of Food. Four Gigantic sculptors of Elephants hold an exqusitly decorated gate of the temple. The outer walls of the temple are donned with colorful pictures illustrating various mythological stories.
Khajrana Temple
Built during the reign of Ahilya Bai Holkar, the temple is dedicated to lord Ganesha. People have great faith in this temple and believed that all wishes are fulfilled by praying here.
Lalbagh Palace
Lal Baag Palace is one of the most spectacular buildings in Indore. It stands on the outskirts of the town, towards the southwest. It is a three storey building on the bank of the River Khan. The palace was built by Maharaja Shivaji Rao Holkar during 1886-1921. Situated amidst dry and dusty gardens, it is architecturally quite similar to the New Palace. 
overing an area of about 28 hectares, the Palace was one known for its incredible rose garden. Lal Bagh Palace is now the residence of Usha Raje, the descendents of Holkars.


Did You Know?

The gates of Lalbagh Palace, Indore, are replica of the gates of Buckingham Palace, London. They were casted in England and then shipped to Indore.

Great Personalities associated with Indore …. ·

Swar Kokila Lata Mangeshkar born in Indore ·Great Singer & Actor Late Shri Kishor Kumar was a student of Christian College Indore.Narendra Hirwani highest wicket taker in single test, belongs to Indore.C.K. Naidu & Mustaq Ali, the cricket legend of India also belong to Indore.Famous comedian Jhonny Walker, & today's hot star Salman Khan, belong to Indore.M.F.Hussain and N.S.Bendre, famous painters spent some years in Indore studying art with Vishnu Deolalikar.

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