Kanha National Park

Travel & Tourism

Kanha is amongst the most famous wildlife Sanctuary of the India. This park is situated in the Mandla district of Central India in Madhya Pradesh, India. The Kanha Tiger reserve consists the total core and surrounding buffer area of 1945 sq km. The park received the status of the national park in the year 1955, and was formed as the Kanha Tiger Reserve in the year 1974 under Project Tiger. The main wildlife attractions in the park are tiger, leopard, bison, gaur, sambhar, chital, barasingha, barking deer, black deer, black buck, chousingha, nilgai, mouse deer, sloth bear, jackal fox, porcupine, hyena, jungle cat, python, pea fowl, hare, monkey, and mongoose.Kanha National Park is the place that has been portrayed by Rudyard Kipling in his great novel "The Jungle Book". 

The nature lovers and wildlife enthusiast from all over the world can enjoy the parks captivating scenic beauty, prosperous and diverse flora and fauna by staying in several resorts at Kanha. The Kanha resorts can provide as the ideal base with luxury and comfort to explore this wildlife sanctuary. There are quite a lot of hotels, wildlife resorts, forest lodges and guest houses within the national park, where the visitors can enjoy a relaxed and lavish retreat amid the dense jungles. The hotels and resorts in the sanctuary will definitely mesmerize you with the warm services they offer. You can spot wild animals in their natural habitat with an undisturbed and relaxed environment, while staying at the resorts here. One can feel ensconced in the fantastic magic of nature and enjoy all modern facilities at the same time, while staying at these resorts in Kanha.

It is recommended making advance reservations as per your requirements for staying at the resorts in Kanha.

Distances from important cities / towns

·         Overland

·         Jabalpur : 230 km 5 hours

·         Nagpur : 300 km 6 hours

·         Raipur : 230 km 5 hours

·         Bandhavgarh : 325 km 7 hours

Best Time to Visit - November to mid-May

Winter (November to February)

Excellent time for watching birds & big game   

Summer (April to June)

Best period for sighting mammals   

Monsoon (July to September)

Park closed owing to seasonal rainfall  

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